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We are currently working with our members, our external advisors, and ad-hoc advisors in the crypto, data, and hardware communities to specify our research agenda. Here is a preview - please send feedback and suggestions!

  • Governance and Law (e.g. decentralized governance; distributed systems and international law)
  • Health and Synthetic Biology (e.g. patient-controlled medical data/records, micropayments for health, distributed AI, global logistics for synthetic biology and genome synthesis)
  • Cryptoeconomics (e.g. Crypto-economic systems; Distributed trust for social good)
  • Hardware (e.g. secure computing enclaves such as Intel SGX; semiconductor design for crypto; biometrics; IoT)
  • Privacy and Security (e.g. privacy preserving analytics and currencies)
  • Fundamentals (e.g. scaling, useful proofs, reliable consensus, formal verification of smart contracts)